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Welcome to the Blockhead Dev!

We develop and publish software! (Mostly games)
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Currently In Development (Pre-Alpha)
17hrust Game

By the Blockhead Dev

17hrust is a game of exploration through a vast galaxy. Interact with aliens, upgrade your ship, find a nice planet to build a home or resource center, accumulate wealth, and calm your mind with the peaceful experience this game provides. It started in 2017, on the lack of quality non-combat-focused sci-fi games

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Abandoned (Pre-Alpha)
Mithon Game

By Grify

Mithon Opened! Mithon is a 2 player text-based simulator that is built on Python 3. If you are lonely, you can play as both characters or set one as AI. The game itself is thought through and well made. Grab it for free today!

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Completed (Prototype)
Terra Sniper Game

By Grify and 43ther and team

Terra Sniper, play in web or download to a windows computer if you are one of those kinds of people... sorry about lack of macOS download. Check it out, made for a game jam by 43ther, Grify, Void, xHelikox, Galo